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Project Description
The original Patient Connect and Master-Child sample application was developed for Microsoft by CitiusTech in Fall 2008. Since the release of that sample, the HealthVault SDK has undergone significant changes. This new application has been enhanced to work with the new HealthVault SDK (SDK version 1.2.) and utilize the new features of the HealthVault SDK.

Key features of the application:
  • Demonstrates how healthcare applications can periodically synchronize demographic and clinical data with HealthVault using Patient Connect functionality
  • Provides CCR, CCD, and Medication data connectivity (including off-line fetch mode)
  • Mapping and upload of Lab Results (in HL7 ELINCS 1.1 format) to appropriate HealthVault data type
  • Demonstrates usage of Master-Child app functionality for centralized management of child applications for healthcare ISVs

Additional Resources
  • Additional HealthVault resources are available on our website to assist you in your HealthVault integration needs – case studies, code samples, tools, whitepapers and archived webcasts


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